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We came across to an exciting project of a good friend of ours!

Juan Carlos Orosco worked for 12 years at a major advertising agency from the WPP group: J.Walter Thompson, and 17 years in digital marketing in various companies. The main focus of his job, both offline and online has been building brands or as he likes to tell us “seeking love for old and new brands.”

Speaking of love, recently he just fell in love with the concept of personal brand building.

Juan Carlos Orosco

Juan Carlos Orosco

“It’s amazing that now we can work on branding ourselves because the digital world has the means to put anyone on the spot to stand out and take advantage of that possibility. That means it’s no longer a field dominated only by politicians or celebrities”- he tells us.

But there is a critical issue that he needs to clarify when we ask about how does this personal brand building can be successful. “I think the key is not to build a false image or presence. We can’t be another person. We have to take the approach just as if we are invited to a very important job interview or a presentation of a topic we know a lot to a large and prestigious audience. We have to look our best and take care of our image… but we have to be true and sincere. We have to be professional. If in your field of expertise that means a suite or a formal dress, well that’s it. If it’s an artist with more of a freestyle, the same… but we all know every detail counts when we show ourselves to the world.”

Right now we randomly select some of our favorite social media and make statements of what we believe in, upload some photos, get some sort of more professional approach in linked in and… and maybe that’s it. There is no consistency or strategic plan. And there is where the “branding lover” project comes in handy.

“If we just take ourselves as a professional branding project, we can set a strategic approach, select the best media for us regarding ourselves and our target market, whereas that market could be peers, potential employers, leads, clients, whatever, set some goals…. And then we make a formal commitment to fill with appropriate content in a regular, consistent basis, putting some discipline and much love”.

At this point we have to ask, isn’t this sort of CEO stuff? Does it apply to Mary and/or John Doe?

“Well, that’s the point, right… we have to stop being Mary or Jon Doe… we have to be ourselves and stand out”. And after that really appealing and motivating point of view, Juan Carlos Orosco tell us that this line of thinking is just a myth. First, it’s true that now several CEO’s have a more active social presence and the other way to look at it is that this is happening because people relate more to other people than brands. Several statistics show that people prefer advice, counsel, and recommendations with other people and that content shared by actual persons from a brand or company are re-shared 5.7 times more than when the company or brand publishes something.

Also, when headhunters and talent seeking people are trying to pinpoint the best candidate, after all that resumé-reading and the notes were taken on the interview… well… they just start searching online what else is there in the digital world about their pre-selected candidates. Those who stand out will have a better chance.

“So, if you’re an independent consultant, an entrepreneur, a contractor, an executive already with a job position …or even a student in college or a university, you should start thinking strategically in your own digital personal branding, caring for your online and off-line image, as well. This will give you a real advantage on whatever goals you have. I can guess, all of those goals relate to being successful in your endeavors… and guess what… it will serve you well even in your personal love life”- he concludes.

It’s a fascinating point, and Juan Carlos has some of our own Latin lovers New Yorkers already aboard his own personal digital branding project having himself as the primary consultant in one on one sessions. The best of that program developed by him and his expert colleagues Professor and Marketer Cynthia Villar and Influencer Marketing Expert Kike Gaona is that it doesn’t stop in the actual strategic planning knowledge, but he works with you and for you your first content publishing in a personalized strategy. You can have a look at his program and ask for more detailed info at .

About Juan Carlos Orosco

Juan Carlos is an expert in communications and advertising. He worked 12 years in J.W. Thompson as Associated Creative Director, trained by the company in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Internet Marketing Management with the Direct Marketing Association in New York. Juan Carlos adds more than 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing since 2001, being also a Speaker and Professor in several events and programs for universities and different industry knowledge events.

His company has been recently appointed as the digital media partner for Medallia, the leading edge customer experience management platform.