Francisco Parreño: From Valencia to New York

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Growing up in Valencia, Francisco Javier Parreño, current head chef of La Nacional Restaurant in New York, didn’t know he would grow to love cooking, travel the world and come back home every time with a new cooking book or magazine to add to his library collection. With 25 years of experience as of today, he started his profession as young as 15 and later on opened a restaurant in the center of Valencia that offers cuisines of the world. Currently, Francisco puts his experience, knowledge, and love of cooking in each paella, patatas bravas, and other traditional Spanish dishes, that he crafts for La Nacional Restaurant’s clients.

The Beautiful Belief of Candle 79

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“Hasn’t aged a day in all these years!” Bart Potenza exclaims, indicating the small Buddha statue that presides over the entrance of Candle 79, the upscale Upper East Side restaurant that he and his partner, Joy Pierson, opened in 2003. Tongue in cheek, he adds, “Must be the food.”

Postcard from Rio

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In the air above the beach at Ipanema, there was a mist. The sun—low and setting—illuminated it. People glided past one another. Into slow starring reverie I sank, a stream that warmed and carried me along. For the first time, I felt part of Rio. At last I understood. Months after arriving from New York, I had arrived in the inward city inhabited by the native carioca.

The Raquel Rivera Impact

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Raquel Quiñones Rivera officially started her music journey in high school, but she’s always had an instinct for the melodic expressionism that is apparent in her vast repertoire. It’s been a journey of self-discovery that began in her early years in Puerto Rico. “Music was a big part of the culture, so it was almost an automatic familiarity with it,” she shares, now reminiscing and reflecting on her past in the midst of a bustling Williamsburg winery.

Raquel Rivera Collective. Photo - Sara Ontaneda Loor

Peru Homemade: Ají de Gallina

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Although going out and experiencing new restaurants in Lima has been extraordinary, there is something to be said about a good old fashion homemade meal. We’ve been blessed with the option if we ever we are in need of food we are always welcome to take a 15-minute walk over to Bae’s aunts’ house, and we will be met with food abundant. One such day we walked over to have a family lunch, and I was introduced to one of Peru’s classic meals, Ají de Gallina.

Eclectic Montreal Jazz Festival strikes again

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Another characteristic of the festival is how international it is. It brings in artists from all over the world: Australia, Austria, Spain, Cap Verde, France, Japan, Belgium, Israel and Congo…and the list continues. And unlike the Newport or the Detroit Jazz Festivals, Montreal features non-jazz acts. This year, rock artists such as Jethro Tull or pop singers such as Charlotte Gainsbourg and Finley Quaye were invited. Finally, on top of featuring the world’s most famous musicians, the eclectic Montreal Jazz festival is also a place where one can discover new artists, who, in turn, are given a chance to present their work in front of a rather large audience. Colombian vocalist Lido Pimienta is one of these breathtaking talents the festival scheduled this year. She performed at the Club l’Astral. In spite of being 8-months pregnant, she brought tremendous energy on stage. She also spoke very openly about having been abused in past relationships, because she believes women have to tell their stories.

Porteñas – Empowered Immigrant Women Open Restaurant in Williamsburg

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Chef Fernanda has been making empanadas and other Argentine treats for over 20 years – and after decades of experience, she has been running her own restaurant, Raíces, in Buenos Aires. 

Her partner, Carmen, is a true entrepreneur - she runs her own non-profit organization, Curatorial Program for Research, where they “create a socially-conscious network of emerging curators from around the world.”

Ferran Adrià on Creativity

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Adria’s “Notes on Creativity” is the first major exhibition dedicated to the visualization and drawing practices of this culinary master. The exhibition presents drawings, notes, notebooks, diagrams, pictograms and prototypes by Adrià and his collaborators. We caught up with Adrià at the exhibit, which is currently running at the Drawing Center in New York City.

Irene Mohedano: A Moving Artist

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Hispanic artist Irene Mohedano moved to the U.S. from Spain a mere three years ago as an intellectual scholarship recipient, hoping to learn from and contribute to the New York City art scene. Leaving behind a country that no longer could support the young professional and a traditionalist culture, she began to push new boundaries of art through performance and installation in the U.S.

A Matter of Dust: Cecilia Collantes

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Cecilia Collantes is an artist in touch with the mysticism of creation. Her abstract works invoke a universal mantra, one that connects the viewer to the energy movement and the volatility of form. Cecilia hopes to continue her artistic journey in New York, and the big city is lucky to have an artist with such a sense of depth.  A Matter of Dust presented a great success in capturing the audience; engaging a fluidity of motion through dancing, a cosmic atmosphere, and a universal soul.   

Friends of Peru: Nobu

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The Trade Commission of Peru in New York organized a 'friends of Peru' lunch to honor one of Peru's best friends, Nobu Matsuhisa. Nobu has over 30 restaurants worldwide under the same name, that honor Japanese and Peruvian fusion cuisine. Some even say he invented the tiradito back in the day...

Pair successfully directs "Chavela," the story of an idiosyncratic star

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How does one pay a cinematographic tribute to an icon such as Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, who embodies utter simplicity and utmost complexity at the same time?  This is what filmmakers Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi achieved with their documentary Chavela, a moving and thought-provoking portrait of the enigmatic singer who helped change the way we see ranchera music and who redefined what it means to be a female singer in the macho world of Mexico. As one of Chavela’s friends explains in the film, in order to survive, Chavela had to be more macha than the most machos. Photo © Excelsior / Imagen Digital

Johnny Schuler at The Waylands

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The great Johnny Schuler from Pisco Portón chatted with LatinLover Magazine about his most recent trip to NYC. Thanks, Johnny! 
"Regarded as the foremost pisco authority, Johnny Schuler has dedicated his life to excellence in the pisco industry. As a pisco ambassador, he has travelled the world to educate spirit industry professionals and the public alike about the culture, heritage, and craftsmanship of pisco. In 2011, Pisco Portón founders Bill and Brent Kallop approached Johnny to develop the finest handcrafted pisco. From here, Pisco Portón was born. "

Chivitos in NYC

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“The first thing I need to talk about is the chivito, because it’s the best sandwich I’ve tasted in my life, including the venerated & thousand times described pastrami sandwich of New York and the mortadella and cheese sandwich from the market of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Really, the chivito is too good to be true…”—Anthony Bourdain