Churros in Nolita

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Jesus Manso on La Churreria's churros: 

"Churros are an ancient food invented by Egyptians: water and wheat mixed and fried in the shape of cinnamon stick. But most people know them as a traditional dessert from Spain. 

For the last three years we’ve been selling churros, maintaining a traditional recipe and presentation. We sell churros con chocolate a la taza—churros with a dip in chocolate in a cup—and churros rellenos filled with con dulce de leche, crema, chocolate, strawberry or lemon.

We like to eat them any time of day. But in Spain they’re served for breakfast, for dessert or as a snack late at night." 

La Churreria
284 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012


Photos by Andrzej Bialuski