La Cevicheria, Rockaway Beach

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Ximena Yrala on La Cevicheria, Rockaway Beach:

"Ceviche is a perfect blend of fish marinated in citrus juices. There are many theories about the origin of ceviche, but all we know is: it was a dish created by the gods to give us a taste of heaven.

We started selling ceviche two summers ago, where we lived in the Rockaways. On a hot day, a fresh cebichito served to the right temperature will refresh your being; and after a night of drinking, a very spicy cebichito will return your body and soul to the right place. I don’t think we made any changes to the kind of ceviche we’re making for New Yorkers. We tried to keep the simplicity of the dish. And we work with local fishermen, which allows us to provide a high-quality product.

I love watching the body language of my clients, from the first bite, till the last sip of leche de tigre, “tiger’s milk,” which leaves them for a few seconds in a hilarious trance. It’s best with an extremely cold beer." 

"The last time I was in Peru I stayed at Punta Negra, the beach of my childhood. My visit coincided with the opening of “El Milagro,” a new cevicheria created with the sole purpose of driving beach goers mad about ceviches. 

Nowadays, we’re also serving causa, quinoa salad and some daily specials. There’s nothing better than bringing our own beloved beach staples to the community here." 

La Cevicheria
Concession @ 97th Street
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693


Photos by Andrzej Bialuski.