Besame Mucho

PostcardNicky NeimanComment

Argentinean photographer, Ignacio Lehmann, has traveled all over the world “catching kisses.” His project began a couple years ago in New York City, where he photographed his first 100 kisses in one city. Since then, he has traveled through Europe, South America and Asia searching for more kisses.

“The origin of this project was out of an impulse,” says Lehmann. “I feel like there is a lack of connection between people these days, and this is exactly what this project is all about: to get back to square one and reconnect with one another.”

The most challenging city so far? Tokyo. But that hasn’t stopped Lehmann, and he intends to keep on shining a light on these acts of love with his camera. “I believe a kiss is an act of universal peace and love,” Lehmann says. “This act of love, the kiss, through different cultures, is a beautiful message that spreads a feeling of universality and peace. And this is what I love. I am very passionate about this.” 

All photos by Ignacio Lehmann.