Famous Jackson Heights Arepa Lady

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Maria Piedad Cano on Arepas:

"Arepas are made with corn and come in many varieties: pelao, de huevo, de mote, etc. I started selling arepas thirty years ago. It was the only way for me to survive in New York City and feed my kids."

"In my country, Colombia, and in Medellin, the city where I am from, arepas are sold in small carts at the doors of certain coffee shops. They are a very traditional dish, eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The arepas I sell are the same as the arepas sold in my country. 

I have one customer who has been coming to me since he was a child. He used to come with his parents, then with his friends, and now comes with his wife."

Arepa Lady
Roosevelt Ave & 79th St
Queens, NY 11372


Photos by Andrzej Bialuski.