Favela Kids

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Each year New School graduate students travel from NYC to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to work as youth media educators. This year the group developed lesson plans to teach young adults how to create their own narratives and stories through documentary films.

Working in conjunction with Luta Pela Paz (Fight for Peace), an organization utilizing sports as a means to help kids stay off the streets, we were given a classroom where we taught a group of kids how to tell their stories. Luta Pela Paz not only provides a safe space for children to participate in physical activities, but also promotes education and healthy living. The facility is located in un-pacified, Maré, one of Rio’s 750 favelas, located near the northern coastline. A favela is the Portuguese word for slum or shanty-town, most often found in urban areas. As a group, we created a website which reflects the students' local community as well as highlights their individual passions. The site is a collection of videos, photographs, interviews, and stories showcasing how the students continue to enrich and change their lives through education, sports, hobbies and community.

There are many great organizations working to keep the children of favelas safe and away from drugs and gang warfare. This is a collection of images focusing on favela kids in Rio.

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