Molly Rockhold

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Molly is an Idaho-born, Argentine-American professional finding her way between the academic research and construction/development realms of New York City and combinations as unlikely as her background. Writing and research are lifelong passions of hers that lead her to see the world through a variety of lenses while traveling and searching for new foods, cultures and architecture. She currently maintains a home base as a food-fanatic in the culturally rich borough of Queens. As a graduate of NYU’s Urban Design and Architecture program, Molly also works coordinating mid-rise, new construction projects throughout New York’s five boroughs.

Natalia Chamorro

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Originally from Perú, Natalia is an academic and writer based in New York. She has published articles, poems and essays in literary magazines in Lima and New York, such as Pro-Logo, Los Bárbaros and Emisférica Journal. Natalia is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature in The State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Sajda Waite

ZLatin Lover

I'm a coffee and fries addicted actress from NYC! CF&E was born from my desire to share my experiences and love of food, culture, and cheesy Powerpuff Girl puns with the world. I hope you enjoy reading as I’m trying to save the world, one food pic at a time.

Emilie Pons

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Emilie has been covering the arts (visual arts, music and film) in English, French and Spanish since 2001. She holds an MA in English and American literature (La Sorbonne Nouvelle), an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Journalism (CUNY). Emilie has worked for AFP (Canada), France USA Media (France and USA), DownBeat Magazine (USA), JazzTimes (France and USA), Jazzmag (France), NPR (USA) and Radio Horizonte (Mexico). Emilie is also teaching a college course entitled Latino Literature (CUNY). She is now working on her first book, a section of which will be published in the academic publication Destiempos (Mexico) in June 2017.

Lauren Zaleski

ZLatin Lover

Lauren had broad professional experience in the luxury lifestyle and entertainment industries. She was a New Yorker, born and raised, and counted the city as her most important teacher. She was fascinated by people and their stories, and was a graduate of the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts. Lauren passed away in July of 2013, before publication of her story in LatinLover. 

Chris Yong-Garcia

YLatin Lover

Chris is a designer and a producer from Lima, Peru. As a designer, he has overseen campaigns from HBO, Miramax Films, Spike TV, IFC Films, the Weinstein Company and others. He has his own New York City-based design studio, called Eyestorm Design, which works with a variety of companies and cultural institutions. He created LatinLover in 2011.

So Yeon

YLatin Lover

So, a.k.a. Soy or Suki, is an illustrator and a printmaker. She was born in Seoul, moved to Vancouver, and currently resides in Baltimore, after graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art. 


James Willimetz

WLatin Lover

James was born in Tennessee but grew up in Perú. He’s been teaching ESL at Hunter College for over 25 years and is a big fan of Peruvian pisco. He imported his wife from Peru and has a teenaged daughter. He has a blog on pisco:


Jose Antonio Villarán

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Jose Antonio has published two books of poems: La distancia es siempre la misma and El cerrajero. In June of 2007, he opened La Maquina, a café and art space in Lima, Perú. In October 2008, he created the multidisciplinary project AMLT, which is currently being sponsored by Puma Perú. 

Joseduardo Valadés

Latin Lover

Joseduardo is a Mexican writer and columnist. He also practices Shiatsu and writes articles about health and natural medicine. Nowadays, Joseduardo is dedicated to the impossible adventure of being unemployed, traveling and saving money; it did not go as well as he thought, but he’s still trying.


Camila Valdeavellano

Latin Lover

Camila has created set designs for dance, theatre and film productions; illustrated publications, and designed commercial and industrial products. Memorias de Salmo Trutta, her first stop-motion animation film, co-directed with Cayetana Carrion, was exhibited in diverse international film festivals and has won two awards in Perú. Currently, she is living in Rio de Janeiro with her husband and daughter.


Laura Turégano

Latin Lover

Laura has an official persona and an unofficial one. The official: more than fifteen years of experience in philanthropy and public affairs, with expertise in the areas of arts and culture and international relations. The unofficial: avid traveler and explorer. She has been all over: from the Andes, to the Jordanian dessert, to the jungle of Cambodia. Next up? The Atacama in Chile and Uyuni in Bolivia. 

Carla Torres

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Carla is an award-winning illustrator based in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in venues locally and internationally. Her latest news: being selected by DOT Urban Art Program to create a temporary public artwork in Tribeca; an Award from Applied Arts Magazine; a lecture at The University of Manitoba School of Art Canada; a mural commissioned by Materials for the Arts; and publication of her children’s book, Larry & Friends.

R.E. Toledo

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R.E. has contributed to the Spanish newspaper Hola Tennessee and Revista Esperanza in México City. Her poem "Chilancana" was recently published in the Spring 2012 Issue of Label Me Latina/o. In 2010 she hosted “De Todo un Poco,” a Community Service Spanish radio show. R.E. coedited Imanhattan 3, the 2012 issue of the magazine for the MFA in creative writing in Spanish at NYU.


Alexandre Surrallés

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Alexandre is a resident researcher at the Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique (CNRS) and member of the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Collége de France, Paris. He teaches Anthropology at EHESS and has been a visiting scholar at various European and American universities. His books include Au coeur du sens; perception affectivité, action chez les Candoshi  and the co-edited anthology, The Land Within: Indigenous Territories and Perception of Environment.


Jessica Solt

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Born in Boston but raised in chaotic Mexico City, Jessica would choose a good taco al pastor over clam chowder any day. When she’s not making a living typing furiously on her keyboard, Jessica muses about life, food and other weird things at The most important goal in her bucket list is to travel around the world. She likes spinning—bikes not bottles—books and wine. She lives in New York.


Kathryn Spitzberg

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Kathryn is a brand strategist, cultural analyst, and designer with an insatiable appetite for identifying cultural insights that shape consumer behavior and attitudes. She’s a partner at Big Squirrel, a brand strategy and consumer insights company that helps brands navigate cultural currents. She recently traded in the hustle and bustle of New York City for the sunshine, surf, and Baja-style fish tacos of San Diego, California. 


J.R. Sheetz

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J.R. is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who has worked with the National Writing Project, Gap Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, Pearson Foundation, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and other organizations. J.R. is currently the Documentarian at Institute of Play, focused on generating high-quality results-driven stories around games and learning.


Aldo Sánchez

Latin Lover

Aldo grew up in Mérida, Yucatán and has also lived in Cholula, which proved to be essential to the development of his sophisticated palate. Sánchez is trained in the Humanities and Curatorial Practice, but is, above all, a Latin Lover. He is a furious fan of telenovelas and avidly listens to baladas románticas. Sánchez is also a disc jockey, known as dj papichulo.

Clair Rossiter

Latin Lover

Clair is a freelance illustrator based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. She is currently in her final year of study at Falmouth University. Clair likes creating images that make people of all ages smile.